Links of the week, 10/21/2011

This week: the obscurity of National Book Award finalists and Obama’s subtle critique of the new Dr. King memorial.

  • I have to admit, I was relieved to learn that most people, not just me, have never heard of several of the National Book Award finalists, but I haven’t quite sorted out whether I think that’s a problem or not. (I wrote about The Tiger’s Wife, the only finalist I’ve read, back in May.)
  • Hendrik Hertzberg’s analysis of Obama’s remarks at the dedication of the new memorial for Dr. Martin Luther King is probably spot-on—and I hope it is because I definitely agree with the critique Hertzberg hears in the president’s words.
  • The Shop Around the Corner isn’t my favorite old Ernst Lubitsch movie (that would be Ninotchka), but Ed Howard writes about it so beautifully that I feel inspired to watch it again.
  • This mash-up of Sin City and Disney animation isn’t timely (and if you haven’t seen the 2005 Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller movie, I doubt you’ll get much out of it), but it cracks me up.

3 Replies to “Links of the week, 10/21/2011”

  1. I think you forgot to include the link to the review of “Shop Around the Corner”. You have a link to your review of “Ninotchka” (which I enjoyed rereading), but not the review by Ed Howard. Or maybe I’m missing something. That’s always possible. 🙂


  2. I’m glad that got fixed because I really enjoyed reading about “Shop Around the Corner” which I have seen but maybe not appreciated as fully as I should. I also enjoyed reading the Hertzberg article. I’m glad that President Obama is so precise and thoughtful in what he says; it is an excellent quality in a president.


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