The Jeremiah and Nicole Festival

Sean and I returned home this afternoon from the foothills outside Asheville, North Carolina, where we were celebrating the marriage of my cousin Nicole. Technically, I suppose, you could say we were attending a wedding, but that doesn’t really capture the extravaganza that Nicole and my new cousin-in-law, Jeremiah, had planned. Jeremiah is a chef; one of Nicole’s oldest, dearest friends is an incredible professional magician; and the newlyweds have friends in the Asheville music scene as well as the local hooping community (which I didn’t know was a thing). So the reception featured great music, spectacular entertainment, and by far the most delicious, diverse, and lavish buffet spread I’ve ever experienced.

And the reception (and extended outdoor after-party) capped a truly beautiful ceremony held outside on a gorgeous blue-sky day with birds singing overhead. Nicole and Jeremiah both glowed with happiness, and everyone there couldn’t have been happier for them. Like the reception, the jubilant ceremony reflected what makes Nicole and Jeremiah special and what makes their new life together so very, very bright.

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  1. The several days in Asheville, up to and including the wedding day, were truly wonderful, filled with family fun and celebration. I think you captured the occasion well.


  2. I enjoyed every minute of this wonderful wedding festival. I am so grateful for the support and help provided by my loving extended family. I think my sister Holly said it best…It takes a village to put on a wedding like this one!


  3. Thank you for the beautiful description. I loved having you and the whole family there to get a taste of the life that we love so much! Love you!


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