Merry Christmas … more to come in 2009!

Thanksgiving and Christmas were entirely too close together this year, turning December into a frenzy of extra hours at work, frantic shopping, hectic holiday parties, and miserable weather. I never manage to post very frequently at this time of year, and 2008 was particularly bad.

But! Sean and I are now happily recovering from pre-holiday stress within the loving madness of my boisterous extended family back home in Florida. (Bonus: Tomorrow’s forecast calls for sunny skies and a high of 81—maybe not too Christmassy but a welcome change from the slush we left behind in New York.) I’ll probably hit a movie or two with my brother and other assorted relatives, but I’m not likely to post anything before 2009.

So in the meantime, Merry Christmas! Thanks for sticking around, even when I’m a bit delinquent. I promise fresh new content once we’ve all celebrated a happy new year!

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