A Chanticleer Christmas

Chanticleer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Thursday, December 4.

Attending Chanticleer’s annual Christmas concert quickly has become the one holiday tradition that Sean and I faithfully observe, just the two of us. We love it, but for a fleeting moment this year, I wondered whether we should go. The tickets are a big splurge for us, more than twice what I usually pay for other events, and the program is fairly similar year to year. Is it really rational to keep spending all that money to hear again the Gregorian chant processional and the Willcocks carol arrangements and the Jennings spiritual medley and the Biebl Ave Maria? Perhaps we should do something else instead, something new.

But that was just a fleeting moment of doubt because there is a very good reason that Chanticleer’s annual Christmas concert became our one special holiday tradition in the first place. Aside from time with family, music is what we both love most about the celebration of Christmas. The familiar melodies, hauntingly sung, make me feel like a child again, in the best sense, safe and warm and loved and special.