How can I write when I’m FREAKING OUT?!

Please excuse my lack of new posts. I’ve been a bit under the weather, but that aside, the coming election has completely consumed me. I can’t seem to get excited about going out to see anything, much less writing about it—not when I can spend more time poring over the latest political news and polls and analysis and stressing out over it all. (Good news, bad news, ambiguous news—everything about this election stresses me out.)

I’m hoping to pry myself away from my laptop sometime this weekend and then to return to it with a fun, benign topic to write about, but I make no promises. Fortunately, this will all be over in the next few days (knock wood—I can’t take another 2000) so I can calm down and return to thinking and writing about blissfully insignificant topics that won’t provoke me to contemplate the destruction of democracy and the end of the world. (Sorry. Deep breath. The whole Hope thing doesn’t come easily to me.)

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