An introduction

Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing spins on mistaken identities, misplaced bravado and misunderstandings galore. It’s a confection that lives up to its title — except that in the end, underneath all the wit and word play, it’s about love, nothing concrete perhaps but everything nonetheless.

This Web site is my place for much ado: my thoughts about the movies and music and art, high and low, that might not matter in the grand scheme of things but that help make my existence worthwhile. It is my cultural diary, a chronicle of my life with the arty and poppy and everything in between.

So who am I? I’m a freelance copy editor in my mid 20s. I reside with my husband in the upstairs apartment of a brownstone in Astoria, N.Y., but I live inside my head, currently in some turmoil as I try to determine what I’m doing with my life. Maybe this Web site is part of that, but mostly it’s an outlet. Some people are happy just watching a movie and going on with their lives. I’m the sort of person who believes that watching a movie is only a preamble to debating its merits, analyzing its themes, pondering its cultural significance, ranking it on a list and then revisiting the whole thing six months later for another round of fun. This is my new venue for that. It’s mainly for me, but if anyone else gets any pleasure out of it, all the better.

Welcome to Much Review About Nothing.

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