Au revoir, New York

Sean and I are moving this week! We’ve decided that, at this point in our lives, we want to be closer to family. We love New York and will always treasure our time here, but in adjusting our priorities somewhat over the past year, we realized that the time had come to go.

I grew up as part of a ridiculously close-knit extended family, so ever since I left for college, I’ve felt a bit like I’ve been trying to exist in two places at once. That’s become exhausting, and I think it’s prevented me from truly settling into New York and putting down roots; my roots have always been back home in Florida, which has never really stopped being home in my heart.

But I will miss living in New York: the music and the arts, the smorgasbord of restaurants, the pedestrian-friendly streets, the vast expanse of Central Park and the many other tiny parks that dot the city. I’ll miss our friends and our friendly doormen and the amazing choir I was honored to be part of. New York has been good to us, and leaving is not something we do lightly. (Our unfortunate timing, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, makes me particularly sad. I hate to leave the city I love while it’s still recovering, but at least I can enjoy the dark irony of having my long-planned move from New York to Florida disrupted and delayed by a hurricane in New York.)

Another not-lightly-made decision: This isn’t just a behind-the-scenes post. It’s a good-bye post. I’m going to stop posting to this blog (not that I’ve been doing all that much posting lately—preparing for a move is stressful and time-consuming, even without the distractions of a major storm and a nail-bitingly stressful election season). Much Review About Nothing was conceived as a chronicle of my life in New York, and now that my life will be elsewhere, continuing it seems wrong. I’m still thinking about how I want to redirect my writing, so I may yet be back, in some form or another, but for now, I’m taking a break and settling into our new life.

Thanks for reading! It’s been fun.

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