A reasonably good excuse

I know the lack of timely posts is starting to get a little bit ridiculous, but Sean and I decided last night to fly to Florida for my grandparents’ sixtieth wedding anniversary celebration. So congratulations, Grandma and Grandpa! It is totally your fault that I haven’t finished the two malingering drafts I’ve been working on for far too long.

Not really, of course. I might be a slacker, but Grandma and Grandpa are wonderful, and we love them dearly, and we’re so excited to be here to celebrate with the rest of the family. And at some point, I’m going to get my act together, I swear.

2 Replies to “A reasonably good excuse”

  1. It was a wonderful surprise! Of course I had a feeling you would do that!! Love it when I’m right 🙂 It was great having you and Sean here for the 60th Celebration. I know grandma and grandpa were thrilled.


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