Links of the week, 4/27/2012

Sean’s mom and aunt are arriving for a visit tomorrow morning, so Sean and I have been tidying up and cleaning pretty much all evening. A few quick links now, and next week I’ll be able to write about some of the stuff we all do together. The play War Horse is definitely on the agenda. In the meantime …

2 Replies to “Links of the week, 4/27/2012”

  1. Your blog is so educational. 🙂 Now I know all about the dwindling use of the diaeresis. I may have to start using it myself, just to keep it from becoming extinct! Also, I loved the movie montage of faces. Some of it was a bit creepy, but there were enough wonderful faces and movie memories there to make up for the dark ones.


  2. I enjoyed all your links today and learned something new, the diaersis! Is there a way to do it on the computer? I loved the faces montage and will show it to UG.


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