Links of the week, 4/13/2012

This week: old expressionist movies, disrespectful obituaries, and more, more, more on dystopic fiction! Yay!

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  1. I agree that all the articles on dystopic fiction are fascinating. It is a genre that is finally getting its rightful share of attention. This article sets up an interesting argument about the importance of back story. I do appreciate a little back story, but I don’t think it’s that necessary in making the reader feel a connection with the dystopic society. In a way, wanting to know the back story is like when we ask questions about a victim of a crime or a disease – “What did the victim do to put herself in that situation?” “Was that cancer sufferer ever a smoker?” etc. We want to know the reasons something bad happened to other people so that we can convince ourselves that it won’t happen to us. “I would never dress that way” or “I exercise every day and only eat healthy foods.” In the same way, we want to know the background history of a dystopic society so we can convince ourselves that it could never happen here. But just like with the lung cancer victim who never smoked, when we find out the answer to our questions it may not be the answer we want to hear. Because bad things can happen to us no matter what we do, and it is uncomfortably plausible that our society could be on the road to a dystopia.


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