Links of the week, 4/6/2012

I’m working on wrapping up a rambling post on the Hunger Games movie, and I should actually be able to do so this weekend since I have neither house guests nor freelance work. In the meantime, links of the week!

  • I’ve been meaning to watch The Wire for forever, and now that we finally have HBO Go, I might actually get around to it. Creator David Simon’s already notorious New York Times interview dismissing Wire fandom (which he’s backed away from, to some extent) doesn’t actually discourage me, but damn is it obnoxious, even when there are some good points buried in there. The AV Club has a good breakdown of the initial interview and the hedging afterward.
  • This Vulture apology for “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic cracks me up. I’ll admit that I am helpless to resist the chest thump at the key change, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go.
  • If I’m going to be nostalgic about movies I saw as a teen, I’m much happier joining Tim Grierson in celebrating The Player, which came out in 1992. (I saw it a few years later on video.) Satire is rarely so deliciously cynical.
  • It’s not really culture-related, but whatever: Jessica Grose’s long article at Slate about grizzly bear attacks in Yellowstone is incredibly fascinating and ultimately rather profound. (Plus, who knew rangers use CSI-style investigative techniques to try to understand how an attack went down? Crazy.)

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  1. You forgot to link to the Vulture article about “My Heart Will Go On” … and that’s the one I wanted to read the most! 🙂


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