Links of the week, 3/9/2012

My cousin Holly and her friend Allie are visiting this weekend—a spur-of-the-moment trip before Holly starts her new job next week (yay!)—so I’ll have cool stuff to write about later. Tonight, for example, the girls and I went to go see Chicago, which I’d never seen onstage before, and we had a great time. In the meantime, links of the week!

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  1. There seems to be quite a lot of these “Hunger Game” analysis articles being written. I love them! The trilogy really lends itself to this kind of in-depth thought. The article you linked to, about the different styles of masculinity demonstrated by Gale and Peeta, was very interesting. (Like the author of the article, I’m a Peeta fan.) While those are the two primary male characters in the series, I think other male characters are equally as complex, especially when it comes to what it means to be a man. Finnick, for instance, is a complicated male character. The warped values of the Capital have forced him to play the part of a shallow playboy. But in a better world he would have lived his life as a committed and loving husband. What I find fascinating about the series is the way the characters struggle to stay true to themselves in a society that tries to force them into being something else. (That is a struggle we all face, although to a much lesser extent than in “The Hunger Games”). Peeta recognizes and verbalizes this struggle early on, saying “I want to die as myself. … I don’t want them to change me in there.” And that’s why I find the end of the series so satisfying: both Katness and Peeta have stayed true to their true selves. Their “happy ending” doesn’t come out of nowhere; it is well earned and well deserved. They have survived the damage inflicted on them by accepting help and love from each other.


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