Links of the week, 1/6/2012

I’ve been immersed in politics this week, and as I try to avoid blogging about that directly (the occasional vitriolic aside is more than enough), I’m straining a bit to come up with some fun links. But here goes.

  • First, the depressing: The stubborn insistence of singer Chris Brown’s young female fans on defending his abuse of Rihanna is depressing as hell but, as Amanda Marcotte explains, not all that surprising. I wish people were better at taking her conclusion to heart: it is possible to separate art from the artist, so even if you can’t bear to give up the former, you shouldn’t feel compelled to justify the latter.
  • This New York Times profile of provocateur Stephen Colbert and his new super PAC is fascinating. I still feel uncomfortable with some of his exploits, but that is, of course, the point.
  • The website Small Demons is still in beta, so I can’t explore its maps of common reference points throughout literature for myself, but this article about it in The Guardian has me very intrigued. It looks like a great spot to waste a few hours. (Via The New Yorker‘s Book Bench.)
  • Michelle Collins’s rambling, self-conscious rant about some questionable casting decisions for the Les Misérables movie is kind of insane but absolutely hilarious if you, too, spent a few years obsessed with the musical and still know pretty much all the lyrics by heart. (Ahem.)
  • This four-year-old dinosaur aficionado cannot be fooled by your scientifically inaccurate toy! She’s my new hero.

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  1. Well, I just finished crying while watching the end of “Les Miz”, just like I have every time I’ve seen it or heard the music. So I must agree with Collins’ assessment of “Les Miz” as the best musical ever. And I am concerned about the casting of the upcoming movie. It seems to be going in the direction taken by some of the worst movie adaptations of great musicals (“Man of La Mancha” being the prime example) in which they cast movie stars – and in this case pop stars – instead of real singers. Why is it that the musicals with the most difficult, operatic-like music gets this treatment? It makes no sense. But at least we still have those PBS anniversary specials of “Les Miz” in which to see the real thing.
    And on another note, I loved the little girl talking about dinosaurs. It reminded me of another four-year-old I knew who was a fount of knowledge about dinosaurs.


  2. Yeah, she reminds me a bit of Michael too, especially at the end when she sweetly points out what they DID kind of do right, like a consolation prize.


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