Links of the week, 12/2/2011

This week: opera and protesters, poetry translation, gluttonous porcupines, and, I swear, a new post in the next couple of days. (Sean and I finally got to go to a concert! Yay!)

  • Seth Colter Wall’s report from the Occupy Wall Street protest outside of a performance of Satyagraha (Philip Glass’s opera about Gandhi) at Lincoln Center is thoughtful and well-observed—and, not incidentally, it makes the excellent point that, despite the stereotypes, a night at the opera can be cheaper than a movie ticket.
  • This might be one of my favorite AV Club inventories: “Best scenes in worst movies.” They’ve got some good entries, but more than that, finding the bright spots in what might otherwise be complete disasters is such a sweet, optimistic way to look at the world.
  • Working in publishing, I’ve gotten to see up close just how strange the translation process can be, so Tim Parks’s examination of poetry translation fascinates me. I don’t know whether I agree with his conclusion—that poetry is often best translated into prose—but I’m eager to seek out Hollander translation of Dante he mentions at the end.
  • Porcupines don’t like it when you try to steal their corn on the cob! (And who could blame them? Corn on the cob is delicious.)

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  1. Should I feel happy that I haven’t seen ANY of the movies mentioned in the “Best scenes in worst movies” article? Does it mean that I have excellent taste in movies and only see good ones? Or does it mean that I’m just old and out of main stream culture? I prefer the first explanation. 🙂


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