Links of the week, 11/18/2011

I know I said I’d actually get some writing down this past week, but as soon as I turned in that freelance project, my immune system promptly crashed, and I spent several days being sick and pitiful. What can I say? I’ve taken on way too much in the past few months. At least I’ll have a good new year’s resolution for 2012! And for now, I have my links of the week:

  • It’s completely impractical, but I love Noel Murray’s idea for a Turner Classic Movies for television, mainly because I love the idea to “de-emphasize completism in favor of highlights.” Prone to OCD-like behavior, I tend to feel the need to watch a TV show from its very first episode to its last—in order, every single one—but that isn’t always the best approach, as Murray argues convincingly.
  • The most recent episode of Community, an homage to Hearts of Darkness, the documentary on the making of Apocalypse Now, was deeply bizarre and mind-bendingly meta and strangely sweet, all of which are typical for the perpetually low-rated sitcom—and which made the news that it’s being pulled from NBC’s midseason lineup particularly sad. In any case, I love Alyssa Rosenberg’s interpretation of the episode as a “near-perfect series finale,” encapsulating the show’s celebration of self-conscious storytelling, even though both of us hope and trust that there will be more episodes to come in the spring.
  • Amber Taylor posts a smartly argued, delightfully exasperated response to a misguided essay in The Atlantic pitting Bella of Twilight against Katniss of The Hunger Games. (Among other things, Taylor demonstrates familiarity with the text, which, frankly, is more than I can say for The Atlantic‘s Noah Berlatsky, who is too distracted by the straw women he’s constructed to bother.)
  • Rich Juzwiak has been writing about reality television for years, and incredibly, one of the pageant runners regularly featured on the notorious Toddlers & Tiaras asked him to be a judge at one of her “high glitz” child beauty pageants. He wrote about the experience, of course, with thoughtful evenhandedness and an unabashed appreciation for camp—which is probably the best she could have hoped for.
  • It’s silly, but I cannot stop watching this video of a pug dressed up like some sort of creature from Star Wars. Thirty-six seconds is not nearly enough!

3 Replies to “Links of the week, 11/18/2011”

  1. What!! They are canceling “Community”!! They can’t do that; I love that show. I’ll actually read the article you linked to after I mourn for a while. 😦


  2. No, no, no! “Community” has NOT been canceled, just “pulled from the midseason lineup.” The show is still in production, and they haven’t announced any cut-backs on the ordered episodes. They’ll air the rest of the season three episodes at a point to be determined later. Here, sorry, I probably should have posted this as well:


  3. I guess I jumped the gun in assuming that “Community” had been canceled. I’m relieved that isn’t the case. And I suppose that the writers need a break in order to come up with more great episodes. Reading the linked article has made me aware of lots of other articles that write seriously about this show. It certainly deserves all the analysis. I’m sure that I only get half of the many literary and pop references it makes.


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