Links of the week, 9/9/2011

Sean and I are heading out of town this weekend on a long-delayed trip to visit extended family and de-stress a bit (or at least attempt to), but before we go, here are my links of the week!

  • God, I hope this indicates the beginning of the end for the obnoxious 3D trend. It’s such a distracting, gimmicky piece of technology. Good riddance!
  • Alyssa Rosenberg’s examination of how “strong female character” doesn’t necessarily mean “well-developed female character”—and how the latter is far preferable—is the kind of thing I wish I’d written myself.
  • AJ Aronstein reexamines Roger Rosenblatt’s infamous pronouncement of the death of irony in the wake of 9/11. I hadn’t thought about the issue from quite this angle before. It’s a beautiful, timely read.
  • British people get to see season two of Downton Abbey next week. Americans have to wait until January 2012. This is, of course, dreadfully unfair. At least we get to see the new trailer, though.

One Reply to “Links of the week, 9/9/2011”

  1. Thanks for the Downtown Abbey trailer, I guess. After seeing all its juicy goodness, I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait until January!


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