My crazy summer: an explanation

Somehow, without really meaning to, I ended up with an insanely busy schedule this summer. I’ll be out of town at least five but probably six weekends, and Sean and I will have company for another two. Plus, taking off work requires me to work longer hours to catch up when I am at the office, and none of this leaves me with much time to write.

But I still have stuff to write about! This weekend, for example, I visited my friend Katie at Tanglewood, and because Katie is awesome, she wrangled me a lawn pass and we attended three concerts. And in a couple of weeks, Mom is visiting me, and we’re attending three Royal Shakespeare Company productions together. And at some point, I clearly have to go see some trashy movie to help balance all that out.

Anyway, it might take me a while—and posts might go up erratically—but more to come!

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