In the doldrums

There’s little to do in the hazy period between summer and autumn. Fun, escapist summer stuff is over, and the richer fall stuff hasn’t arrived yet. There’s not a movie I really want to see, not a concert I really want to go, and even the TV shows I’m interested in have yet to debut their new seasons.

This wouldn’t be so bad—I do have other things I enjoy—but I’m left with little to write about, which depresses me. This past weekend, I considered going to The American, which I have no particular interest in, solely because it would give me some material. I clicked idly through the movies streaming on Netflix, but I’m having such fun working my way through the original Avatar: The Last Airbender TV series that I couldn’t psyche myself up about that either. (I am interested in checking out the Red Riding trilogy, but that’s about five hours itself, so it doesn’t do me much good in the short term.)

This weekend, I hope to scrounge up something worthwhile to do and—even more important—to write about, but until then: If you have access to an iPad, Plants vs. Zombies is a completely adorable little game. That is all.

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