What I’ve been doing this month since it’s clearly not blogging

Well, May has nearly gone, and I’ve got only three posts to show for it, and I’m not happy about that, so here’s an explanation:

In mid-May, Sean and I visited my family in Florida to meet baby Jay, my cousin Jamie’s son, who is now four months old and absolutely adorable. My three college-enrolled cousins—Holly, Maggie, and Kenny—also made a point of being in town and available, so it was a very special weekend. We had a wonderful time.

Since returning to New York, however, I haven’t been having so much fun. There’s the inevitable post-vacation crush at work, of course, but I’ve also come down with a nasty summer cold that manifests itself (in me, at least) in painful, convulsive coughing fits. Even if I felt up for concerts or movies or what have you, I couldn’t very well expose my fellow concert- or movie-goers to that. (I feel bad enough about sleeping next to Sean with this death rattle.)

But this weekend, I hope to finally kick this thing, so maybe, with some luck, June will be better for my blog than May. Until then, [violent, hacking cough]!

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