I sincerely hope I haven’t alienated my handful of regular readers (I love you!) with my ridiculously spotty posting of late. I hadn’t wanted to write about why I haven’t been writing because, well, I’m sort of superstitious and I hate to tell people about good news before it’s actually official.

But now it is! After stressful finance-reviewing, stressful apartment-hunting, and an even more stressful approval process, Sean and I (and our cats, Tess and Luna) are moving to Manhattan, where we hope to de-stress, perhaps in Central Park, virtually the backyard of our new home. (Eeeee!) In addition to being absurdly close to the park, we’ll also be closer to friends and closer to many of the venues we love (notably Lincoln Center), so we’re very, very excited.

The official move date is this Wednesday, and two days later, a few old friends are coming to visit (not ideal timing, perhaps, but I can’t wait to see them—we’ll make the best of it), so to be honest, posts probably aren’t going to pick up again for another week or so. So to my dear regular readers, thanks for your patience. I look forward to having the time and energy to write more very soon.

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