Out of town

Please excuse the lack of new posts. When I leave New York, blogging about my cultural life there becomes more difficult. Right now I’m spending a long weekend in Florida to attend the wedding of a good friend from high school (congratulations, Cara!) and to catch up with my family here. In a bit of luck, two of my cousins, Holly and Maggie, are home from college for Spring Break, so I’ve gotten to reunite with my Hyperpole bandmates, as well as attend Mom’s Easter egg–dyeing party, visit Jamie and Kristen’s new home, and indulge in long, rambling conversations with my wonderful brother, Michael.

I’ve been busy, but the whirlwind ends tomorrow. Look for posts in the coming week about Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Pomerium’s upcoming concert at the Cloisters, and, perhaps, my Internet-enabled rediscovery of the bizarre post-apocalyptic New Zealand teen drama I stumbled on while studying in London nearly a decade ago. Good times!

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