I need a vacation from my summer.

Those of you who check my blog regularly may be frustrated by how scarce my posting has been over the past month or so, but believe me, you’re not nearly as frustrated as I am. My department at work has been short-staffed, and I’ve been working longer hours to help pick up the slack. My lunch hour, once my time for writing, is now devoted to copyediting manuscripts, and when I finally get home, significantly later than usual, I’m exhausted. Inevitably, Much Review About Nothing has suffered.

Fortunately, things should be getting better soon. My boss has hired an extra production editor and a new assistant (I’ve been promoted!), and once everyone gets settled, my workload should go back to normal. I have every intention of getting my posting rate back to normal, too, especially once the 2007–2008 seasons commence and the fall Oscar season heats up. I can’t wait!

In fact, now that I think about it, August is probably a good month to spend trapped in an office building. The humidity is unbearable, the subways are stifling, and nothing’s going on outside anyway.

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