Unhappy times for my wrist

My postings here have become sporadic and delayed of late, and I want to explain. What might otherwise have been an insignificant injury to my wrist ended up reigniting carpal tunnel problems I’ve suffered off and on since my mid-teens. It’s not painful to type with my right wrist in a brace, but it is awkward and kind of uncomfortable, and that has discouraged me from writing as much and as often as I would otherwise. I’m hoping, though, that with more faithful use of the brace (not to mention a higher dosage of anti-inflammatories), my stupid wrist will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

It had better because I have much to write about. Coming attractions: a review of the Philharmonic’s performance of the Brahms’ Requiem (one of the true masterworks of Western music), my reaction to the upcoming Sopranos series finale, and another installment of Fun with Music Videos! Also, will I overcome my paralyzing fear of childbirth long enough to see Knocked Up with Sean? Who knows? Stay tuned!

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