Jersey Boys

Now playing at the August Wilson Theatre on Broadway.

I am not the target audience for this musical. At 26, I am less than half the age of the average nostalgic Jersey Boys theatergoer. I grew up in the sunny sprawl of Orlando, Florida, not the hardscrabble streets of New Jersey. Furthermore, Frankie Valli's overbearing, nasal falsetto in "Walk Like a Man," the only Four Seasons song I could confidently name before seeing this show, makes me want to stab an ice pick through my skull — or his.

Yet Jersey Boys entertained me in spite of all that, in spite of myself. Not all of the music is to my taste — I still consider "Walk Like a Man" one of the more egregiously awful pop concoctions ever inflicted upon the American public — but some of songwriter Bob Gaudio's later compositions intrigued me, and if nothing else, the story of the foursome is fascinating.