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About the blog

After I completed college and graduate school, I didn’t have much cause to write anymore. My job in the managing editorial department of a large publishing company demands left-brain, type-A work, and though I enjoy it and am grateful to have the position, it’s no creative outlet. I wanted a reason to start writing again, so I created Much Review About Nothing. Here I critique everything from Baroque opera to trashy music videos, from art films to reality TV, from literary novels to teen lit. For more about the blog’s name, check out my first post.

About me

My name is Mary Beth Constant. I grew up in Florida, studied music and English in college and journalism in grad school, and married my college boyfriend a couple of years after we graduated. Sean and I now live and work in Manhattan. We love it here, and I hope this blog gives you some idea why.

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muchreviewaboutnothing [at] gmail [dot] com

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